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Treatment at our Clinics

At our Clinics we offer the a range of services with your health and well being in mind. We have medical experts in various fields of specialist, to make sure that you have the best services behind you. 

We offer services ranging from blood tests to vaccination and immunisations. 

Our Services

  • Childhood Immunisation

  • Adult vaccination

  • Travel vaccines

  • Cervical cancer vaccine

  • Family planning services

  • Observations (vital signs)

  • Health education

  • Pre and Post HIV testing Counseling

  • Glucose and sugar tests

  • Monitoring of blood pressure

  • Drawing of blood samples for registered laboratories

  • Daily antibiotic therapy

  • Daily prescribed injections eg. Clexane

  • Inhalation and nebulisation

  • Wound assessments

  • Daily dressings

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