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Assessing Namibia's Healthcare Workforce: Capacity, Disparities, and Future Directions

Namibia boasts a healthcare workforce with a capacity of 3 health workers per 1000 population, surpassing the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommended standard. However, there exists a significant disparity in the distribution of health workers between the private and public sectors. While many physicians may practice in the private sector, a majority are still on the public payroll. The lack of regulations regarding the dual practices of medical specialists further complicates this situation.

Surprisingly, despite the higher concentration of health professionals in the private sector, it is the public sector that caters to 80% of the population with only 38% of the health workforce. Recognizing the need for improvement, Namibia has implemented measures to address these human resource challenges. These include enhancing remuneration packages, creating a conducive working environment, and expanding health-related institutions of higher learning within the country.

Moreover, Namibia and its private sector actively attract international experts to bolster their healthcare workforce. These efforts signify a commitment to addressing the existing disparities and ensuring the country's healthcare system continues to meet the needs of its population.

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